Graduate Research Assistantship Available: Research into Post-secondary Education

Positions Available:  One (1)

Hours:  24 hours / week

Duties:   Working as a member of a research team:

  • review literature related to assessment of factors relating to effective teaching
  • conduct an environmental scan of assessment practices carried out at other institutions
  • assist in conducting consultations and other data gathering initiatives
  • assist in the preparation of a report of findings
  • other related duties as required

Duration:  5 May 2014 – 4 July 2014

Qualifications:  Previous study and/or research in the affective domain related to work environments and study in counseling psychology would be assets.

Job Description:  Reporting to Dr. Trudi Johnson (Faculty of Education), the graduate research assistant will work in a team environment.  He/she will be responsible for conducting a literature review of research on the assessment of effective teaching and an environmental scan of practices carried out at other institutions dealing with the assessment indicators of effective teaching, assist in conducting consultations and other data gathering initiatives, and assist in writing a report of the findings.  Work will be performed under general supervision, however, initiative and independence of action is expected in the performance of these duties.

How to Apply:  Applications should be sent electronically to Trudi Johnson (, associate professor, Faculty of Education.  Please attach a current cv.

Application Deadline:  Tuesday, 22 April 2014 @ 5 p.m. 

Rate of Pay:  The remuneration for these duties is $21.15 per hour (vacation pay included).

This position is covered by a collective agreement between TAUMUN and Memorial University of Newfoundland. The collective agreement may be viewed on-line at To contact TAUMUN email

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Framework for Settlement Reached


Your bargaining team has reached a reached a framework for a settlement for a new Collective Agreement.

Please read the Memorandum of Settlement signed between TAUMUN and MUN on Friday, 28 March 2014.


Where:  The Landing (University Centre, Room UC-3018)
When:  Tuesday, 8 April, at 5 p.m.

ELIGIBILITY FOR VOTING:  Any Graduate, Research, and Teaching Assistant who

  1. is working this semester and
  2. is a member in good standing.  [You become a member in good standing by signing a membership card, which you will be able to do at the meeting.]
  3. first attends the presentation from the bargaining team starting at 5:00PM.  [This is your opportunity to get information directly from your bargaining team and ask questions before casting your vote.]
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November 12, 2013

TAUMUN Bargaining Team Exchanges Proposals with MUN

The Bargaining Team for the Teaching Assistants’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland exchanged Bargaining Proposals, including Bargaining Proposals Appendix B, with MUN on November 12, 2013.

Talks got off to a positive start with the University agreeing to the Union’s proposal to amend Article 5 – Union Security and Check-off providing for MUN to notify TAUMUN members by email when a new Collective Agreement is reached and provide a link to the agreement.

The parties also signed off on amendments to two articles proposed by the University to reflect changes in legislation affecting Article 7 – No Discrimination  and  Article 17 – Arbitration.  While the changes to the Arbitration article were housekeeping in nature, the amendments to Article 7 expand the prohibited grounds of discrimination to include disfigurement and source of income.

Negotiating a renewal agreement for TAUMUN members will not be without its challenges. The University has proposed to implement a probationary period which is not provided for in the current Collective Agreement. In addition, as it has done at the LUMUN Per Course and Postdoctoral Fellow tables, MUN has proposed sweeping changes to the functioning of health and safety committees in Article 22 – Health and Safety.

The parties also discussed the Union’s proposals in Article 13 – Hours of Work and Work Assignment and in Article 26 – Wages and Pay Administration. The TAUMUN proposals are intended to clarify the time required for the Graduate Assistant to complete the full scope of the work and to ensure that payment is made accurately and on a timely basis.

The Union has not yet tabled a wage proposal.

Your Bargaining Team returns to the bargaining table on December 12th and 13th. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Your TAUMUN Bargaining Team:

  • Yasaman Jami Alahmadi
  • Francesca Boschetti
  • Mitchell Fournie
  • Corina Harding, PSAC Regional Representative
  • Gail Lem, PSAC Negotiator
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Please attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of your union on Tuesday, 26 November, at 5:30 p.m. in The Landing (UC-3018).During the meeting you will hear brief reports from the current executive committee, followed by a by-election for some officers of the Executive Board.

The meeting will last approximately an hour, and pizza and drinks will be served.


As you may know, under the current terms of TAUMUN’s Constitution (see specifically, Article IX, Section 1), officers of the Executive Board hold their positions for a 2-year period.Since the current Executive was elected at last year’s AGM, elections are not scheduled to take place until the AGM in the fall of 2014.  However, four of the current Executive members are resigning their positions, so there will be a by-election for the following positions at the upcoming AGM on 26 November:

1. President
2. 1st Vice-President
3. Member-at-Large
4. Member-at-Large

If you would like to run for a position on the Executive Board, please:
Submit a Nomination Form, signed by you and by two other TAUMUN members in good standing to the TAUMUN office (Earth Sciences Building, Room ER-4053). Nomination Forms will be also available at the AGM. Nomination forms may be submitted up to and including the commencement of the AGM, per TAUMUN’s Constitution. 

We are a very busy membership with broad-ranging issues and concerns. Please get involved. You are encouraged to attend the AGM and let your voice be heard.TAUMUN’s Executive Board works hard for the overall benefits of TAUMUN members.  In addition, since the Collective Agreement expired in August 2013, the TAUMUN Bargaining Team will soon be meeting the University Bargaining Team in negotiations.  This is a very important time for TAUMUN members, and the Executive Board and the Bargaining Team will keep members apprised of developments.


As a result of an initiative by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), the national labour union with which TAUMUN is affiliated, there will be a vote at the AGM on several changes to Articles  VIII (Membership Meetings) and IX (Elections) of TAUMUN’s Constitution.In brief, the two changes are that

1. the AGM will take place in late September or early October of every year
2. there will be an election of officers at every AGM (instead of once every two years), but the elections will be staggered (Year A:  President, 2nd Vice-President, one Member-at-Large; Year B:  1st Vice-President, Treasurer, the other Member-at-Large)Once these changes are agreed to by a vote of the membership, they will come into effect; because they relate to Annual General Meetings, the changes will first be applied to the AGM of 2014.

This means that at next year’s AGM, the election of officers will be for President, 2nd Vice-President, and one Member-at-Large.

There will be an anomalous situation for a couple of years as these changes first take effect.

The implications for the election on 26 November 2013 are as follows:

1. President:  the person who gets elected in the by-election of 26 November will serve for only one year; she or he can choose to run for office again at the September AGM of 2014

2. 1st Vice-President:  the person who gets elected in the by-election of 26 November will hold the position until the September AGM of 2015

3. 2nd Vice-President:  the term for this position will end, naturally, in September 2014 (i.e., the 2nd VP will have held the position for two years at that time)

4. Secretary-Treasurer:  as this position will come up for election in September 2015, the current officer will hold the position for 3 years

5. Member-at-Large A:  as this position will come up for election in September 2014, the person who gets elected in the by-election of 26 November will hold the position for only one year

6. Member-at-Large B:  as this position will come up for election in September 2015, the person who gets elected in the by-election of 26 November will hold the position for two years


WHAT:  Annual General Meeting
WHEN:  Tuesday, 26 November, at 5:30 p.m.
WHERE:  The Landing (University Centre, Room UC-3018)
WHY:   Brief Reports, Vote on Constitutional Changes, By-Election

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REGISTER NOW! TAUMUN Workshop about TA/RA/GA Concerns (and FREE LUNCH)

Are you unsure about your roles and responsibilities as a TA, RA, or GA?  Would you like to know the type of working relationship you should have with your supervisor?  Do you know the importance of having a union?  Are you interested in learning more about TAUMUN?
On Wednesday, 23 October, from 12 to 2 p.m. in The Landing (UC 3018), TAUMUN will be offering a WORKSHOP to discuss these very issues.
Invited speakers include  Rajib Dey (PhD candidate and President of TAUMUN), Sean Glavine (Regional Representative of the Public Service Alliance of Canada), Dr. Leonard Lye (Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies), and Dr. Janna Rosales (Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering).
To participate in this workshop, you must first REGISTER.  The registration deadline is Friday, 18 October.  To register, simply email TAUMUN Member-at-Large Francesca Boschetti at
A free lunch and a certificate of completion will be provided to all participants.
WHAT:  Workshop on TA Issues
WHEN:  Wednesday, 23 October, 12-2 p.m.
WHERE:  The Landing (University Centre, UC 3018)
HOW:  Register by Friday, 18 October by emailing
Please see this Workshop Poster and Workshop Agenda for further details.
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As you may know, the TAUMUN Bargaining Team will soon begin negotiations with MUN towards a second Collective Agreement.  A bargaining survey was sent to all TAUMUN members earlier this year.
Prior to negotiations, the TAUMUN Bargaining Team would like to seek further input from members.   Do you have concerns that you would like to see addressed during negotiations with MUN?   Please let us know how the Collective Agreement has been working – or not – for you.
Share your ideas with the Bargaining Team, by SUNDAY, 6 OCTOBER, in one of these two ways:
1.  Email your ideas to; or
2.  Print off and fill out the attached input form (see below) and return it
     (a) by scanning it and emailing it to; or
     (b) by sending it through internal mail to
                c/o Department of Earth Sciences
     (c) by dropping it off at the TAUMUN office:
                Earth Sciences Building, Room ER-4053
All responses will be kept confidential within the Bargaining Team.
You can access the current Collective Agreement here:
Let your voice be heard.  Your feedback is crucial to this process. 
TAUMUN Input Call
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Please join us in The Landing (UC-3018) on Thursday, 26 September, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. for the first Lunch and Learn session of the academic year.
As you probably know, “sexual harassment will not be tolerated at Memorial University” (from MUN’s Sexual Harassment Information Site).
BUT you may still have questions about sexual harassment and how it is dealt with at MUN.  For instance,
  • What, exactly, constitutes sexual harassment?
  • *
  • What makes a study or work environment hostile in terms of sexual harassment?
  • *
  • What resources are available on campus if you think that you are being sexually harassed?
  • *
  • When someone makes a complaint of sexual harassment, what is the procedure for resolution of the complaint?

The Lunch and Learn Session will focus on the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures at MUN and will be facilitated by Heather Tobin (BA, BSW, RSW), Associate Sexual Harassment Advisor at MUN.

WHEN:  THURSDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
PRESENTER:  Heather Tobin, Associate Sexual Harassment Advisor

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Teaching Assistantship Positions Available: First-Year Success Program


Course Name:  University 2020, the 2nd-semester core course of the First-Year Success Program (FYS)

Positions Available:  Two (2) Graduate Teaching Assistants to hold a TA in BOTH the Fall and Winter semesters

Hours:  Each successful applicant will be required to work a total of 112 hours over the course of her or his assistantship.

Duties:  In Fall the TAs will form part of the team planning each of the workshops and gathering instruction material. In this preparatory semester the workload will be weighted at a half-TA (28 hours). In Winter, when the TA will be a small-group instructor with some grading duties, the hours will be weighted at one-and-a half (84 hours).

Duration:  Fall 2013 AND Winter 2013

Qualifications:  FYS seeks individuals with a strong commitment to the philosophy and practice of inclusive, multi-aptitude and engaged learning. Applicants must be available to FYS for the two semesters of the TAship. Successful applicants will also participate in the occasional First Year Success Program Pedagogy Workshops. Ideally we are seeking applicants enrolled in PhD programs, but Masters students should not be discouraged from applying.

How to Apply:  To be considered for a First-Year Success Teaching Assistantship please submit a letter of application and a c.v.  to the FYS Academic Director by email ( Include in your letter of application a statement of your reasons for wishing to work with the students, faculty, and staff of FYS.

Additional Information:  First Year Success (FSY) is a pan-university program originating with Memorial’s Teaching/Learning Framework and housed in the Faculty of Arts.  It is a pilot program responding to the academic and social challenges of students in transition from high school to university. Increasingly in North America universities are providing similar programs or individual “University Experience” courses, but for details of the Memorial’s ambitious Program please see the FYS website Included on the site are video testimonies from students enrolled in FYS in 2012-13.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to apply multi-disciplinary pedagogies in a special initiative in course development and delivery. In Winter Univ 2020 will be taught in a lead session/small group workshop format.  Guest lecturers drawn from instructors across the university will provide the lead-sessions while the graduate Teaching Assistants will join the course coordinators in leading the small groups. It is expected that the TAs will be assigned one group each for a weekly meeting. Pre-prepared material will be used in these sessions.

Application Deadline:  8 September 2013

Rate of Pay:  The remuneration for these duties is $21.15 per hour (vacation pay included).

This position is covered by a collective agreement between TAUMUN and Memorial University of Newfoundland. The collective agreement may be viewed on-line at To contact TAUMUN email

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Travel Funding Update

Please note that the School of Graduate Studies has updated its Travel Policy and Travel Request Form to reflect TAUMUN’s new Conference Travel Funding.
We have added the SGS link to our Travel Funding information on this website (above).
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Recently, Guru Moorthy resigned his position as a Member at Large of the TAUMUN Executive Board.  Thank you, Guru, for your work on the Board.
Article 5, Section 11 of the TAUMUN Constitution states:
“In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Board existing at any time other than at an election, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall have the authority to fill such position for the balance of the term remaining until the next election, by appointment from the membership.”
Francesca Boschetti has agreed to fill the Member at Large position.  Welcome, Francesca, to the Board.
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